Elberton First United Methodist Church

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Our History

The First United Methodist Church in Elberton, Georgia was founded in 1815 and was part of the Broad River Circuit.  The first building was erected in 1820.  In 1848, the church moved to its present location, and a frame building was contructed there.  In 1880, the church became a station church with its first full-time pastor.  A new brick building, the present sanctuary, was begun in 1886 and completed in 1889.  The "tracker action" organ was installed then.  In 1909, the church was covered with stucco.  Educational buildings were added in 1952 and 1964, and the connector was constructed in 1978.  During 1989-90, the church completed a building program of remodleing the old educational building and adding a kitchen, elevator, covered drive-through, driveway, additional parking area, and an enlarged fellowship hall.  In 2003, the church purchased the Palm and Granite Building which has been renamed the Jack R. Bozeman Building.  After many years of planning the new organ was installed and the Cross & Flame was built in 2010.